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Customer Testimonials
Lynne D., Bristol, RI
  I own six pets and was truly surprised at how much better this environmentally safe product performed than all the heavy-duty toxic cleaners that I've used to date. I truly expected to compromise safety for cleaning power and found Lily's Garden Herbals Non-toxic Green Clean (Now called All Purpose Clean) and Glass Clean worked the best. And everything smells great!
Janice H., East Walpole, MA
  I use [All Purpose Clean] on practically everything. I keep a bottle in every bathroom as a handy cleaning agent and air freshener. I also hope that by using non-toxic, all natural products such as [All Purpose Clean], I not only contribute to helping to protect the environment, but pass this habit on to my children.
Ulla Virks, Director
Cross Mills Public Library
Charlestown, RI
  We at the Cross Mills Public Library have found [All Purpose Clean] to not only be a great sanitizing product, but also a wonderful aromatic enhancement. Since switching to [All Purpose Clean], the whole library (including bathroom and windows) is cleaner and a much happier, calmer environment.
Michelle B.
Madbury, NH
  I love the [All Purpose Clean]. It smells great and with four kids I feel like my house is clean but not full of chemicals. I bought it to use on my kitchen counters and in the bathrooms. However, I found that it really polishes up my new stainless steel appliances as well.  I love this stuff!
Sara B.
Warwick, RI
  The main reason I love using [All Purpose Clean] is that I can put food right down on the counter and not worry about any harmful residual chemicals getting into it. For example, I can knead pizza dough right on my countertop and know that it is clean but also a safe work surface. Plus, I LOVE the smell! I use it all over the house!
Ty R.
Missoula, MT
  I have been using the Lily's Garden Herbals All Purpose Cleaning Spray for the past three years or so. I use it as a cleaner in my house, but I keep it with me on all my travels, to spray on my and my sons’ hands and faces to stay clean and fresh during times of high exposure to germs. It has been a saving grace and protective aura for my family on our many travels. For this, I am grateful. Thank You, Kim.
Lorie S.
Jamestown, RI
  The Glass Clean is a big hit! I am always leery of trying new products on my stainless steel and granite countertops. It was great!
Cindy Field.
Wakefield, RI
  Kim, you are totally to blame!

I am referring to my crazed cleansing of all the wood furniture in my house. I used your wood cleaner on a couple of formerly old and beat-up, now beautiful, occasional tables. Wow! The stuff is great. Suffice it to say that virtually every piece of wood furniture is now clean and polished thanks to you. My 36 year old dining room set looks new... well, "newish."

It's so gratifying to use natural products and get such great results. You can quote me. I'd recommend this product to anyone.

Will probably use the toilet bowl cleaner tomorrow. I kind of used up today polishing furniture.

LOL Cindy

Diane Stacy
Greenville, RI
  I recently used Lily's Garden Herbals All Purpose Cleaner on the boat and it works great.  Our boat has an overhang to protect us from the weather and we were constantly cleaning mold off it until we used your All Purpose Cleaner.  The added benefit is the pleasant smell and the comfort that there are no harsh chemicals to harm my family or the environment.  Thanks for formulating this product.  I now have to order another bottle so I can have one at the boat and one at home.
Karen Hodges, Synthesis Coaching
  Kim is a master herbalist as demonstrated by her keen ability to see her clients holistically and create remedies with great success.
In addition to her one-on-one consultation skills, Kim also develops Lily's Garden "green" cleaning products and has a wealth of information about healthy eating including wonderful recipes at her fingertips.

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